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New-Message Issued on March 11, 2003

  When the new millennium begins, a great NEW KINGDOM also comes.  It marks the END of SCIENCE.  ------ No matter whether you believe or not, no matter if you want or not, this is already a fact, and will definitely become the reality in the very near future. 

  Actually, my first article "Yun-Qi  Kingdom --- Fundamental One" obviously has very well put today's PHYSICS into the DEAD END.  Students, teachers and professors who have a solid background of mathematics and/or physics can easily examine what I say by yourselves. 

  If you think my first article does not sufficiently shake down today's MATHEMATICS, my second incoming article "Yun-Qi Kingdom --- Fundamental Two" will clearly show you that the  MATHEMATICS  we have used for centuries is also considerably and lawlessly WRONG.

  Please do not use today's knowledge as your prejudices to cut immediately what I have said down. Try to investigate it first. I hope one can beat Yun-Qi Kingdom down by using today's science and knowledge, but I'll be afraid to say that NOBODY CAN. 

Declaration: It is solely my personal responsibilities for all the extremely controversial materials provided in this website. NO any second or third party WILL and CAN take any responsibility for that. 


= = = =   Yun-Qi Articles  = = = =

  1. Yun-Qi Kingdom ---- Fundamental One,  01/01/01 

  This article will give the totally new views from any aspects we know today, so it's better to treat it with open mind. In this article, I have derived from ``Non-Nothing" --- to the following most astounding results:

1.                         Ohitor Algebra;

2.                         Integration;

3.                         Differentiation;

4.                         Ohitor Bexl;

5.                         V-Space;

6.                         A-Space;

7.                         Most of Mechanics Laws;

8.                         Gravity Law --- is not clearly showed, but in it;

9.                         Many New Laws, like spin, mota, ......

  All in a 41-page article. Here are some new concepts: ohitor, bexl, mota, ... I just can't use today's words to express them.  Read and Download this article now!

  AND ALSO, as a small adornment for my first Yun-Qi article, I'll give the following most striking Yun-Qi results in advance:

10.                      There is NO relativity;

11.                      There is NO speed limit, we can pass the speed of light just like we can pass the speed of sound;

12.                      The formula:  m = m_0 / (1-v^2/c^2)^(1/2) is wrong;

13.                      The formula:  t  = t_0 * (1-v^2/c^2)^(1/2) is also wrong;

14.                      The force a particle receives from its fixed field source is NOT constant, it will vary with its moving speed of v. The formula is:  F = (1-v^2/c^2)Fo ---- Actually all today's relativity results coming from this FORMULA of force;

15.                      And many more ....

  Where m and m_0 are masses, t and t_0 are times, v is the particle's velocity, c is the speed of light, F and Fo are the forces a particle receives from its fixed field source.  For the details about these,  please go down to the Contradicted Relativity Theory(CRT) of this page. Or read and download the following files.

  Since they are extremely controversial with today's understandings, we may use them as the touchstones to determine whether Yun-Qi Kingdom exists?  Read and Download this adornment now!

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  8. Yun-Qi Kingdom ---- Advance Eight

       ***** ** ***** ** ***** ** *****

     And  Many, Many and Many More.

*Note:   You can click the above "Acrobat Reader", "DVI File" or "PostScript File" to read, print or download the corresponding article. 



The Astounding Results from 
Yun-Qi Kingdom ----- Fundamental One


There are many great results that you have never seen before. 
Now I will only list a few:

1.  The integration and differentiation have come out automatically, no any artificial assumption;

2.  The differentiation with respect to the time will change its space, and we can not mix up these two spaces together. If we do, then 2/3 of its reality will be lost.  So, today's mathematics are actually only able to give 1/3 of its reality for functions in two spaces, and 1/9 of its reality in three spaces;

3.  If an object is moving constantly, then the gravitation for this object will be changed comparing to the rest. This change is detectable;

4.  If two objects are moving constantly in different location, they will cause a mutual affected force. This force will point to each other. This mutual force is detectable;

5.  If object A is moving constantly, and object B is accelerating in different location, then object A will get a spin and a force which points to B. And object B will also get a spin plus a force which points to A.  All these four effects are detectable.

6.  Actually, today's whole mechanics are just A TINY PIECE OF A CAKE in Yun-Qi Kingdom. Even my first article has clearly shown us that.




Truths are always truths. 
You are very welcome to examine any point above or below, and any point in my article by using any means including mathematics, physics, astronomy and whatever, as well as their corresponding experiments, if applicable. 



******* ** ***** ** *******


 Contradicted Relativity Theory 




The Astounding Results from My Following Yun-Qi Articles

Since they are extremely controversial with today's theories of physics, we may use them as the touchstone to examine if Yun-Qi Kingdom exists, or not? 

1.  Today's physics assumes that the forces which a particle receives from the fixed electrical field sources are constant during its moving. 

  Unfortunately, this prior assumption is totally WRONG!  The force that a particle receives from its fixed field source IS NOT CONSTANT. It will vary with the moving speed v of this particle. The formula will be:  

F = (1-v^2/c^2)Fo

  Where Fo is the force that a particle receives at its rest state, and the c is the speed of light;

2.  From point 1, if a particle's velocity approaches to the speed of light c, this particle then will receive NO force. Therefore, this particle will have NO acceleration at that time, OF COURSE this particle can not pass the speed of light; 

3.  If we use other force sources, for example imaging if this particle like a jet, then we can broken the speed of light c easily. In one word: 

There is NO speed limit, and  we can pass the speed of light just like we pass the speed of sound !!!

4.  The mass of a particle will NOT change during its moving.  The formula:  

m = m0 / (1-v^2/c^2)^(1/2)  

  is wrong;

5.  The time will definitely NOT change during its moving.  The formula:

t = t0 * (1-v^2/c^2)^(1/2)  

  is also wrong;

6.  Actually, point 4 and 5 can be obtained from a special case that the magnitude of v is constant  if v stands for both vector and magnitude of velocity:

F = m0 dv/d(t0)

(1-v^2/c^2)Fo = m0 dv/d(t0)

Fo = [m0 dv/d(t0)] / (1-v^2/c^2) 

Fo = [m0/(1-v^2/c^2)^(1/2)] * {dv/d [t0 (1-v^2/c^2)^(1/2)]}

  or write it to:

Fo = m dv/dt

  by comparing then we get these two funny formulas:

m = m0 / (1-v^2/c^2)^(1/2)


t = t0 * (1-v^2/c^2)^(1/2)

  They are only the mathematical terms and no real physical meanings. Of course we can NOT use them as our principles

7.  In one word ====>>

 There exists NO relativity, and the whole theory of the relativity are totally artificially man-made. 

  One may ask that why most of the past and today's experiments strongly support the relativity? 

  Answer: There really exist some "relativity" results, BUT they are NOT coming from the relativity, they indeed come from the following FACTOR of  FORCE:  





We have: 

Today's Physics  ------------  Yun-Qi's Physics 

  F=qE  --------------------   F=(1-v^2/c^2)qE 

   F=kqQ/r^2  -------------------   F=(1-v^2/c^2)kqQ/r^2 

   F=evB  -------------------   F=(1-v^2/c^2)evB 

  Now, we have following two ways to describe the phenomena of this physical world:

1st=> Today's Formulae + Classical Mechanics' Formulae + Relativity;

2nd=> Yun-Qi  Formulae + Classical Mechanics' Formulae.


  From the nature, we only have ONE truth.  So, there must exist one (1st, or 2nd) in the above, IS TOTALLY WRONG!  Which ONE?!

 My Answer: 

Yun-Qi <2nd> is TRUE and simple !!!

The Relativity <1st> is FALSE and deceptive !!!



For the fixed electrical field force, we have:

Today's Theory:

      F = Fo

      m = m0 / (1-v^2/c^2)^(1/2)

      m/F = (1-v^2/c^2)^(
-1/2) m0/Fo       (1) 

Yun-Qi Theory:

      F = (1-v2^2/c^2) Fo

      m = m0 

      m/F = (1-v^2/c^2)^(-1) m0/Fo         (2)

  Where  Fo is the force a particle receives from its fixed field source at its rest state,  and F is the force a particle receives from its fixed field source when it is moving at the speed v. m0 is the rest mass and m is the mass when the particle is at the speed of v.

  So, when the particle's speed reaches to the speed of light c, (1) and (2) will show us the much bigger differences,  ---  Because of their different power orders:

 -1/2   :   -1 


Kindly remind: equation (2) has a speed limit c, only means for the electrical force, but NOT means that we have a speed limit of c.



If we let  the relative-cyclotron-radius S = eBR/(mc), where e is the electron charge, R is the radius a charged particle bending in the magnetic field B, m is the mass of this particle, and c is the speed of light

For the fixed magnetic field force, say Lorentz force = evB, we have:

Today's Theory:

      F = Lorentz Force = evB

      S = (v/c) / (1-v^2/c^2)^(1/2)

      v/c = 1 / (1+1/S^2)^(1/2)

Yun-Qi Theory:

      F = (1-v^2/c^2) (Lorentz Force) = (1-v^2/c^2) evB

      S = (v/c) / (1-v^2/c^2)

      v/c = [1+1/(4S^2)]^(1/2) - 1/(2S)

  These two theories will give the totally different data of the real speeds for the certain S, and will give the huge differences of the velocity changes for the different S.

  For example, if we set the relative-cyclotron-radius S equals to 1, the relativity theory will teach us that the particle's velocity is 0.707106781c, BUT Yun-Qi theory will predict that its real velocity will actually be 0.618033988c --- the exact Golden Number. The net difference is 0.089072793c. See, a big difference exists here.

Check inside to see what are the huge differences!

 It is NOT difficult to do this experiment today! 


 Kindly Remind 

Though all the past physical experiments can be explained by using Relativity, they also can be perfectly explained by using Yun-Qi. 

BUT, this "Experiment Hint - II" gives the clear differences of the real velocities between the Relativity and Yun-Qi.  So I would like to suggest doing this particular experiment.

 ==>> WAIT and SEE <<== 

No Matter How Powerful the Relativity Looks, It Will Definitely Collapse HERE

 == ! ! ! ! ! ! ! == 



    == &&&& == 

Until Now, I got NOWHERE to accept my Yun-Qi paper, though it is very easy to see that my first Yun-Qi article carries the major academic breakthroughs, like Ohitors, Bexls, V-Space ... etc.. Even from the purely mathematical points of view, my first Yun-Qi article has given a totally new and innovative mathematical world.



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3 - 11 - 3 

The high energy physics is nothing BUT cheating 

It's time to tell and blow the truth

The world needs to know today

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


6 - 11 - 3

Well, the time has been ticking away more than 29 months, I am still getting no chance. Now I have to do the worst destruction. I will not tolerate any compromise from now on.



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3 - 11 - 6

Time is up

3 years' valuable times have been passed

since my first warning to the world issued at 3/11/2003

Nobody Listens, Nobody Cares

Now Everyone gets what he/she Deserves





6 - 11 - 6 


It's Time  

to Punish

this Planet and its Inhabitants